Patent-pending advanced electrochemical Technology

Elateq’s patent-pending technology uses low-level electricity and proprietary carbon material developed by Elateq. The novelty of our technology intertwines and improves the properties of carbon and the electrochemical process. The concept relies on the basics of electrochemistry but enhanced by innovative design and application of electric field, providing multiple zones of reaction for different contaminants.

The unique concept behind the technology enables simultaneous removal mechanisms such as electrochemical oxidation, reduction, ion exchange, and (electro)sorption within the treatment unit.

Simply put, multiple steps of contaminants removal happen within a single treatment unit as the contaminated water passes through leaving behind heavy metals, nutrients, pathogens, and toxic man-made chemicals.

“polishing step”

Meeting the requirements for wastewater discharge or reuse at municipal and industrial facilities.


Effective across different water chemistries and does not retain water.


90% less energy and 80% savings on total operating costs compared to Reverse Osmosis.


Automated cleaning, remote system monitoring, and container medium.

Modular concept

Flexible, can be portable, and deployed off-grid.

In 20 years of operation, a 50k GPD Elateq system vs. Reverse Osmosis

Gal of Water Saved
MWh of Energy Saved
Lbs of Waste Avoided

For more information on our technology, check out this webinar with Elateq’s CSO and Co-Founder, Dr. Rajic, and NEIWPCC discussing how the unique Elateq all-in-one system works.