Why We Started elateq

The Problem

Water is a necessity for all living creatures, however human needs and industrial activities are exceeding capacity and driving water scarcity. These unsustainable activities are reducing access to clean water. The shortages, in addition to vast water pollution challenges, transpire the need for changing water use practices and exploring the use of non-conventional water sources such as the reuse of commercial, industrial, and municipal wastewater for non-potable and potable applications. Also, increasingly difficult is to remove certain contaminants and their mixtures from wastewater to meet the regulations for discharge and protect the ecosystems and human health.
The cost and complexity of the current advanced water treatment technologies have made addressing these issues difficult for most municipalities and industries. Elateq offers a cost-effective, cleaner, and greener solution for advanced wastewater treatment removing heavy metals, pathogens, nutrients, and toxic man-made chemicals through an all-in-one approach. Our technology is applicable for municipal and industrial wastewater including metal plating, chemicals manufacturing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, food & beverage, and agriculture.

Our Team


Ljiljana Rajic, PhD

Co-Founder & CSO

Dr. Rajic has over 10 years of experience in electrochemistry and environmental engineering. She received a B.S. (2007) and Ph.D. degree (2010) in Chemistry from the University of Novi Sad (Serbia). 

She worked on various projects involving electrochemically-based technologies for water, soil, and solid waste treatment, and has over 50 publications in highly-ranked international scientific journals and books. During 5 years at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Northeastern University, Dr. Rajic co-led Green Water Remediation Project, primarily as a postdoctoral associate and, later, as a senior research scientist.

Currently, Dr. Rajic also serves as Chief Science Officer at Pioneer Valley Coral & Natural Science Institute (PVCNSI) and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA.

Rod Circle no background

Roderick Anderson, MA

Co-Founder & CEO

Roderick Anderson, MA, is also a President of PVCNSI, where he offers the planning and diagnostic skills of a social worker together with the analytics and stratagems learned while he was in the military.

Roderick forwent completing his PhD at UMass Amherst in the Department of Anthropology, in order to launch Pioneer Valley Coral & Natural Science Institute. His dissertation research as a socio-cultural anthropologist focuses on Afro-American civic leadership, civil society, social movement theory, critical theory, political economy, and the African Diaspora.

These research interests emerged out of his experiences of attending high school in New Britain, CT.; his time in the U.S. Air Force Reserves (Westover Air Force Base – Sgt. Security Police); ten years as a social worker for the State of Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families; and eleven years of teaching in higher-ed. He utilizes these varied experiences to engage the intersections of institutional and structural power relations of race, gender, and class.

This unique background brings together firsthand knowledge and practical experiences that engage complex issues at the regional and international levels.


Nicholas R. DiCaprio, BA

Electrical Engineer


Nicholas is an electrical engineering consultant with expertise in the design, development, and production of industrial and military electronic systems.

He worked on various projects including design and production of microprocessor-based ultrasonic sensors for non-contact detection, fluid level measurements, collision/obstacle avoidance for automotive applications, bulk level monitoring, and doppler motion detection.

As a senior design engineer for military sonar systems, Nicholas has been developing high-power sonar transmitters for submarine acoustic countermeasures, an autonomous lobster robot, long-range sonar towed array receivers, mine detectors, and Navy R&D sonar projectors.

To Elateq, his experience brings practical hands-on electrical engineering knowledge of the development and production of electronic systems. Nicholas is a graduate of Northeastern University and a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard.


Aidan Barry, MFAI

Chief Development Officer

Aidan graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a dual degree in finance and economics in 2019. Upon graduation, he then opted to stay and complete his Master of Finance in Alternative Investments in the Fall of 2020. He has completed the CAIA I certification.

Aidan’s academic experience is specialized in hedge funds, private equity and venture capital, financial derivatives, real assets and real estate, and sustainable finance. Over his college career, Aidan interned in a number of different areas, including a business brokerage office, a private equity firm, a wealth management firm, and with the Irish Consulate General in Boston. In completion of his economics degree, Aidan participated in systemic corruption research and the creation of corruption measurement variables. Further, his master’s research included the creation of data vendor alternatives in cooperation with quantitative trading hedge funds over the course of the 2020 school year. Aidan began working for Elateq as a business development intern in the Winter of 2020.



Linda Rauch, MS

Chief Technology Officer

Linda joined Elateq as the result of a strategic partnership with Next Rung Technology in May of 2021. She has 25+ years of project and process experience across many different sectors including Renewable Energy, Biotechnology, Plant Engineering (Pharmaceutical and Industrial), Wastewater, Product Design, and Process Engineering.

From creating process flow diagrams and equipment lists for pilot plants to techno-economic models for novel sustainable technology, Linda uses her variety of experience to help growing sustainable technology companies.

She received her MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of New Hampshire.

Advisory Board


Mila Sherman, PhD

Advisory Board Member

Prof. of Finance, Isenberg School of Management UMass Amherst


Andrew Bellak

Advisory Board Member

Founder & CEO
Stakeholders Capital


John Ellersick

Advisory Board Member

Founder & President
Next Rung Technology


Ladd Greeno

Advisory Board Member

Former COO
Arthur D. Little, Inc.


Aaron Desatnik

Advisory Board Member

Director, Marketplace, Strategy & Project Management Lead at Indigo


Daryl Jackson

Development Advisor

Own Operator Chick-fil-A


Jessica Pratt

Technical Advisor

Senior Tech Manager Arrowstreet Capital CEO/Founder of Addonite


Nick Tooker, PhD, P.E.

Technical Advisor

Prof. of Practice Dept.
Civil and Environ. Eng.
UMass Amherst


Chad Vecitis, PhD

Technical Advisor

Nth Cycle