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2020 Plenary Lecture: Is racism a Science Problem?

September 20, 2020.

Professor Scott Auerbach of UMass Amherst’s chemistry and chemical engineering departments delivers this plenary lecture—“Is Racism a Science Problem?” featuring a discussion with Roderick Anderson, MA, Co-founder and CEO of Elateq Inc.

Affordable Reuse? Novel electrochemical water treatment technology

September 4, 2019

NEIWPCC hosted this online talk by Dr. Ljiljana (Lily) Rajic, who has developed a treatment technology that allows municipalities to add water reuse at a relatively low cost. Elateq technology removes heavy metals, organic pollutants and pathogens from water, with potential applications for advanced wastewater treatment at municipal and industrial scales.

Rajic’s research and scientific findings are based on over 10 years of experience in the field of environmental electrochemistry, and have been published in over 50 peer reviewed scientific journals.