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High Performance Water Purification Technology

What if a greener, cleaner, and leader (read: cost effective) solution existed to treat wastewater in your municipality or industrial operation?

Then We'd Be At The Forefront.

Our patent pending technology is an “all in one” treatment that creates a variety of reactive sites to remove different contaminates within a single treatment unit.

The Problem

Wastewater has a lot of variety

Wastewater can contain heavy metals, pathogens, and man-made toxic chemicals. Current wastewater treatment solution are costly, complex, energy insufficient & require extensive maintenance. 

Our Process

Simplified Purification

Our solution is based on activated carbon electrodes that are tuned to remove the contaminant of choice. This new single unit form factor will save valuable space as well as cut the need for multiple solutions to achieve one common goal: Clean Water.

Our Story

Water is Our Most Valuable Resource

The need for water preservation has never been so vital to our civilization as our population grows north of 7.5 billion individuals.

Water scarcity affects every continent in the world and we are proud to be part of the mission in finding solutions.

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